Infection and Immunity Short Course

08.05.2019 09:00 Würzburg, Germany

This 3-day course is tailored for students interested in infection and immunity. Young scientists from Würzburg and elsewhere are welcome to attend.

Course Details

The Infection and Immunity short course is one of the core courses of the “RNA & Infection” graduate program and seeks to provide a foundation for investigating infection biology and immunity. It is complementary to the short course on “RNA Biology” which was held in fall 2018. The course will span three days and will expose students to the fundamentals of infection research, ranging from the different classes of pathogens, to host immunity, and anti-infective therapeutic strategies, as well as the phylogeny and epidemiology of infectious diseases. As part of the course, students will also learn about modern techniques used to probe different aspects of infection biology as well as open research questions within each area. The course will be taught in English by a team of group leaders with in-depth expertise on each topic.

Wednesday May 8: Pathogens
9.00-9.05 Day overview
9.05-10.00 Overview: Pathogens & Infections (Stan Gorski)
10.05-11.05 Keynote lecture: Bacterial pathogens (Susanne Häussler)
11.10-12.05 Viral pathogens (Lars Dölken)
12.10-13.15 Lunch break
13.15-14.05 Pathogenic fungi (Joachim Morschhäuser + Christian Perez)
14.10-15.05 Parasites (Markus Engstler)
15.10-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-16.15 Gastrointestinal infections (Franziska Faber)
16.20-17.05 Nosocomial infections (Wilma Ziebuhr)
17.05-17.10 Day wrap-up

Thursday May 9: Host
9.00-9.05 Day overview
9.05-10.00 Innate immunity (Leon Schulte)
10.05-11.00 Adaptive Immunity (Wolfgang Kastenmüller)
11.05-12.00 Microbiome (Till Strowig)
12.05-13.00 Lunch break
13.00-14.00 Keynote lecture: Antibiotics (Rolf Müller)
14.05-14.50 Infection models: 3D models (Thomas Rudel)
14.55-15.15 Coffee break
15.15-16.00 Infection models: Organoids (Sina Bartfeld)
16.05-16.50 Infection models: Animal models (Georg Gasteiger)
16.55-17.00 Day wrap-up

Friday May 10: Anti-infectives
9.00-9.05 Day overview
9.05-9.55 Heterogeneity in infections (Emmanuel Saliba/Alex Westermann)
10.00-10.45 Epidemiology (Tobias Kerrinnes)
10.45-11.00 Coffee break
11.05-11.50 Phylogeny (Lars Barquist)
11.55-12.40 Immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies (Knut Ohlsen)
12.45-13.30 Lunch break
13.30-14.25 Phage therapy (Chase Beisel)
14.30-15.25 RNA-based therapeutics (Jörg Vogel)
15.25-15.40 Coffee break
15.45-16.30 High-throughput screening (Ana Rita Brochado)
16.30-16.35 Day wrap-up


Würzburg, Germany

Datum und Uhrzeit: 08.05.2019 09:00 – 10.05.2019 16:30


Würzburg, Germany

Josef-Schneider-Street 2, Building D15, lecture hall




Dr. Franziska Faber

Dr. Alex Westermann

Dr. Emmanuel Saliba

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