Infection & Immunity Short-Course - Spring 2023

08.05.2023 09:00 Würzburg, Germany

This five-day course is tailored for students interested in Infection & Immunity. Registration is now closed.

Infection & Immunity Short-Course


Monday, May 8th: Host System

9am-10am: “Innate Immunity“ – Leon Schulte, Marburg (online)
10am-11am: “Adaptive Immunity“ – Wolfgang Kastenmüller
11am-12pm: KEYNOTE “Microbiome“ – Lisa Maier, Tübingen (online)
1.30pm-2.30pm: “Immunity-Microbiota Crosstalk” – Dorothee Viemann 


Tuesday, May 9th: Pathogens

9am-10am: “Viruses“ – Lars Dölken
10am-11am: “Bacteria“ – Franziska Faber
11am-12pm: “Fungi“ – Ronny Martin
1.30pm-2.30pm: “Gnotobiotic Mice” – Mercedes Gomez


Wednesday, May 10th: Experimental Infection Models

10am-11am: “Organoids“ – Carmen Aguilar
11am-12pm: “3D-tissue“ – Daniela Zdzieblo


Thursday, May 11th: Diagnostics & Treatment

9am-10am: “RNA-based Therapeutics” – Jörg Vogel
10am-11am: “CRISPR Diagnostics” – Chase Beisel
11am-12pm: “Novel Antibiotics” – Anna Hirsch, Saarbrücken (online)


Friday, May 12th: Big Challenges & Emerging Topics

9am-10am: “Nosocomial Infections” – Wilma Ziebuhr
10am-11am: “Heterogeneity in Infections” – Alexander Westermann
11am-12am: “Pathogen Evolution” – Lars Barquist


If not indicated otherwise, the speaker is from Würzburg. The course language is English.


Würzburg, Germany

Date and Time: 08.05.2023 09:00 – 12.05.2023 12:00


Würzburg, Germany

Josef-Schneider Straße 2 

Building D15

Large Lecture Hall

Registration Deadline: 03.06.2023 00:00

This event cannot be booked anymore