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Staying a step ahead of the game

Research team unravels trick with which the sleeping sickness pathogen hides from the immune system

Regulatorische T-Zelle (blau) in Interaktion mit Bakterienzellen. © HZI/Manfred Rohde

How bacteria imprint the intestinal immune system in newborns

HZI researchers discovered how early colonisation by microbes defines the properties of gut-draining lymph nodes for the lifetime of the host

Machine learning flags emerging pathogens

A new machine learning tool could be useful for flagging dangerous bacteria before they cause an outbreak, from hospital wards to a global scale

Upcoming Events

There is something for everyone at HIRI. Our scientific seminars, lectures and courses aim to share knowledge and expertise with the scientific community, while our programme of public events is open and accessible to all, whatever your background. 

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