Falk Ponath


Falk obtained his Master Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in September 2017. For his Master thesis, Falk joined a group at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA) to investigate the immunological response to passive immunization against amyloid β in an Alzheimer disease mouse model. Afterwards, Falk joined the Vogel group as a PhD student in November 2017 to explore the post-transcriptional regulation of the cancer-associated pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum. He is being supported by the “Dr. Eckernkamp Fellowship program” of the Würzburg-based Vogel Stiftung Dr. Eckernkamp. Apart from science, Falk enjoys hiking and sports as well as trying out the various restaurants Würzburg has to offer.