Tuesday Night Seminar: Katrin Karbstein

20.06.2023 16:30 Würzburg, Germany

We cordially invite you to Katrin Karbstein's talk “Quality control of ribosomes during and after assembly”. The talk will take place in Building D15, room 01.002-004. The seminar is sponsored by the RNA Society.

Dr Katrin Karbstein - “Quality control of ribosomes during and after assembly”

The Karbstein lab uses a combination of approaches to shed light on the function of assembly factors - including biochemistry, mechanistic enzymology, yeast genetics, structural biology, and protein engineering. Katrin Karbstein’s research group studies the mechanisms that promote correct ribosome assembly, allow for the quality control of assembly intermediates and their degradation, and dissect the consequences of their bypass when misassembled ribosomes escape to the translating pool.

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Würzburg, Germany

Date and Time: 20.06.2023 16:30 – 20.06.2023 18:00


Würzburg, Germany