Scientists at the HIRI develop RNA-centric approaches to unravel the mechanisms associated with infectious diseases.


We pioneer an integrative approach to exploit the vast potential of ribonucleic acids (RNA) as a diagnostic, drug, and therapeutic target for new strategies to combat infectious diseases.

Our research foci

Research Groups at HIRI

Our international team collaborates closely within the institute, as well as with scientists abroad and at its parental institutions, to jointly advance our knowledge at the interface of RNA and infection.

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Research Foci
Würzburg RNA Ecosystem
Sars-CoV-2 Research


RNA-based Infection Research: Ribosome as part of a biological cell constructing messenger rna molecule - 3d illustration by Christoph Burgstedt / Adobe Stock

Major Challenges

Rising antimicrobial resistance, chronic infections, and (re-)emerging pathogens are among the major challenges facing humanity.