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Working at HIRI: HIRI as an employer

At the HIRI, we do not just value excellent research. Short distances, an open door policy, and a good working atmosphere—this is what distinguishes us from others.

HIRI for...

...young professionals

Those of you who want to take the first step towards a career in research will find themselves in good hands at the HIRI. In addition to two graduate programs, the HIRI regularly offers doctoral positions through individual labs at the institute.

...experienced researchers

The HIRI not only offers PhD students the opportunity to gain a foothold in science. Postdocs can also further strengthen their scientific profile at the Helmholtz Institute in Würzburg. The HIRI research groups are regularly on the lookout for highly talented scientists to push their research forward.

...tech enthusiasts

Leica Thunder, LabCyte Echo, Illumina Miniseq, C-Trap… In order to conduct research at the highest level, scientists need the right equipment. The following devices can be used at HIRI:

  • » pipetting robots
  • » anaerobic workstations
  • » HPLC and LC/MS
  • » devices for single-cell isolation and RNA sequencing
  • » instruments for the analysis of molecular interactions (e.g. microscale thermophoresis, C-Trap)
  • » high-quality microscopes for live-cell imaging
  • » FPLC
  • ...


The HIRI embraces internationality. More than 100 employees from over 20 nations work at the Würzburg research institute. 

  • » France 
  • » USA 
  • » India 
  • » Ireland
  • » China 
  • » Ukraine
  • » Italy
  • » Egypt
  • ...

…she/her, he/him, they/them,…

HIRI is diverse, and that is a good thing. At our research institute, people of different genders, ages, cultures, and disciplines work closely together. HIRI stands for

  • » equal opportunities
  • » diversity
  • » internationality


Those who do not want to start an apprenticeship or enroll at a university right after school can do a voluntary year in science at the HIRI. Volunteers take a look behind the scenes of a dynamic research institute. In doing so, they can support HIRI—depending on their interests and skills—in numerous fields:

  • » administration
  • » communications & marketing
  • » IT
  • » laboratory
  • In this video, our former volunteers, Laura and Paula, demonstrate what a day at the HIRI can look like.


The HIRI is not only training the next generation of researchers but meanwhile also IT specialists for system integration. At our institute, IT trainees will learn how

  • » to set up and maintain hardware, including those in our security labs
  • » to plan, configure, and network both our IT systems and programs
  • » to help out in first-level support
  • » to take on small projects themselves

…anyone new in Würzburg

Ranging from wine sommelier to theatergoer to night owl, the dynamic university city of Würzburg caters to everyone. Favorite places of our HIRI employees include

  • » the Würzburg vineyards
  • » the botanical garden
  • » the Fortress
  • » the Residenz
  • » the skate park
  • » the banks of the Main river
  • ...

At a glance: Working at HIRI

We do research for the future of medicine

Infectious diseases such as Covid-19 threaten the world's population. Bacteria learn to adapt to antibiotics and become a danger as multidrug-resistant pathogens. We are researching future solutions for RNA-based medicine that will open up new approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases.

We work with innovative technologies

We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell analysis, RNA sequencing, and CRISPR-based methods to foster scientific progress and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We strive for the highest performance

We focus on a close integration of research and management and strive for excellence inside and outside the laboratory.

We are among the world's best

Bavaria, with its strong scientific location in Würzburg, plays a leading role in RNA research. Our scientists have proven expertise in infection biology, microbiology, pathogen-host interaction, RNA biology, single cell analysis, bioinformatics and biochemistry, among others.

We are a powerful multinational team

More than 100 employees from over 20 nations currently work at HIRI. From the Würzburg Medical Campus, we conduct research and work in an international network, and we regularly organize internal and external specialist events to facilitate exchange and knowledge transfer.

We foster the next generation of scientists

We offer fully funded doctoral positions and other funding opportunities to prepare talented young scientists for a career in research or industry.

We promote equal opportunities and competencies

We are committed to equal opportunities and competencies for our employees. We value diversity and strive for equal professional opportunities for all gender identities.

We provide a good working atmosphere

We have created a family-friendly atmosphere with flexible working hours and part-time models, a day care for children in cooperation with the city of Würzburg, a parent-child room and regular social activities to ensure a good work-life balance.

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