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The Single-Cell Center Würzburg has helped to develop a new technological approach that could advance medical diagnostics

Bacterial and viral infections can cause severe acute symptoms, but they can also have devastating long-term consequences such as triggering cancer. Consequently, scientists are looking for new approaches and technologies to better understand the course of diseases and predict the development of cells and tissues.

With expertise from the Single-Cell Center Würzburg, a research team developed a new technological approach that could significantly advance medical diagnostics in the future. Called TIGER, their method is a way to record the presence of specific RNAs in individual living cells. In the future, TIGER could be used to look into the transcription history of individual cells in a living organism and link it to the current status quo in order to decipher complex cellular reactions—in vivo and non-invasively.


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Original Publication

RNA recording in single bacterial cells using reprogrammed tracrRNAs

Jiao C, Reckstadt C, König F, Homberger C, Yu J, Vogel J, Westermann AJ, Sharma CM, Beisel CL (2023)

Nature Biotechnology


Image credit (symbol image at top of page): Adobe Stock/Dan Comaniciu


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