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Phage proteins target and co-opt host ribosomes immediately upon infection

Gerovac M, Chihara K, Wicke L, Böttcher B, Lavigne R, Vogel J (2024)

Nature Microbiology 9 (3): 787-800

Expanding the flexibility of base editing for high-throughput genetic screens in bacteria

Gawlitt S, Collins SP, Yu Y, Blackman SA, Barquist L, Beisel CL (2024)

Nucleic Acids Research (Online ahead of print)

Improved RNA stability estimation through Bayesian modeling reveals most Salmonella transcripts have subminute half-lives

Jenniches L, Michaux C, Popella L, Reichardt S, Vogel J, Westermann AJ, Barquist L (2024)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 121 (14): e2308814121

An expanded transcriptome atlas for Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron reveals a small RNA that modulates tetracycline sensitivity

Ryan D, Bornet E, Prezza G, Alampalli SV, Franco de Carvalho T, Felchle H, Ebbecke T, Hayward RJ, Deutschbauer AM, Barquist L, Westermann AJ (2024)

Nature Microbiology 9 (4): 1130-1144

CRISPR-based screening of small RNA modulators of bile susceptibility in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

Prezza G, Liao C, Reichardt S, Beisel CL, Westermann AJ (2024)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 121 (6): 1096

Non-professional efferocytosis of Salmonella-infected intestinal epithelial cells in the neonatal host

Zhang K, Repnik U, Diab N, Friske D, Pütz A, Bachmann AZ, Gubbi NMKP, Hensel M, Förstner KU, Westermann AJ, Dupont A, Hornef MW (2024)

The Journal of experimental medicine 221 (3)

Isoform-specific RNA structure determination using Nano-DMS-MaP

Gribling-Burrer AS, Bohn P, Smyth RP (2024)

Nature Protocols (Online ahead of print)

Human cytomegalovirus exploits STING signaling and counteracts IFN/ISG induction to facilitate infection of dendritic cells

Costa B, Becker J, Krammer T, Mulenge F, Durán V, Pavlou A, Gern OL, Chu X, Li Y, Cicin-Šain L, …, Erhard F, Kalinke U (2024)

Nature Communications 15 (1): 1745

Improved prediction of bacterial CRISPRi guide efficiency from depletion screens through mixed-effect machine learning and data integration

Yu Y, Gawlitt S, de Andrade E Sousa LB, Merdivan E, Piraud M, Beisel CL, Barquist L (2024)

Genome Biology 25 (1): 13

Nucleolar detention of NONO shields DNA double-strand breaks from aberrant transcripts

Trifault B, Mamontova V, Cossa G, Ganskih S, Wei Y, Hofstetter J, Bhandare P, Baluapuri A, Nieto B, Solvie D, …, Munschauer M, Burger K (2024)

Nucleic Acids Research (Online ahead of print)

A global survey of small RNA interactors identifies KhpA and KhpB as major RNA-binding proteins in Fusobacterium nucleatum

Zhu Y, Ponath F, Cosi V, Vogel J (2024)

Nucleic Acids Research (Online ahead of print)

SHIFTR enables the unbiased identification of proteins bound to specific RNA regions in live cells

Aydin J, Gabel A, Zielinski S, Ganskih S, Schmidt N, Hartigan CR, Schenone M, Carr SA, Munschauer M (2024)

Nucleic Acids Research 52 (5): e26

Global Hfq-mediated RNA interactome of nitrogen starved Escherichia coli uncovers a conserved post-transcriptional regulatory axis required for optimal growth recovery

McQuail J, Matera G, Gräfenhan T, Bischler T, Haberkant P, Stein F, Vogel J, Wigneshweraraj S (2024)

Nucleic Acids Research 52 (5): 2323-2339

Circulating NK cells establish tissue residency upon acute infection of skin and mediate accelerated effector responses to secondary infection

Torcellan T, Friedrich C, Doucet-Ladevèze R, Ossner T, Solé VV, Riedmann S, Ugur M, Imdahl F, Rosshart SP, Arnold SJ, …, Kastenmüller W, Gasteiger G (2024)

Immunity 57 (1): 124-140.e7

RNA helicase IGHMBP2 regulates THO complex to ensure cellular mRNA homeostasis

Prusty AB, Hirmer A, Sierra-Delgado JA, Huber H, Guenther UP, Schlosser A, Dybkov O, Yildirim E, Urlaub H, Meyer KC, …, Erhard F, Fischer U (2024)

Cell Reports 43 (2): 113802

An adapted method for Cas9-mediated editing reveals the species-specific role of β-glucoside utilization driving competition between Klebsiella species

Almási ÉdH, Knischewski N, Osbelt L, Muthukumarasamy U, El Mouali Y, Vialetto E, Beisel CL, Strowig T (2024)

Journal of Bacteriology 206 (3): e0031723

A comparative analysis of peptide-delivered antisense antibiotics employing diverse nucleotide mimics

Ghosh C, Popella L, Dhamodharan V, Jung J, Dietzsch J, Barquist L, Höbartner C, Vogel J (2024)

RNA (Online ahead of print)

CRISPR Interference-Based Functional Small RNA Genomics

Prezza G, Westermann AJ (2024)

Methods in Molecular Biology 2741: 101-116

Exploring the transcriptional landscape of phage-host interactions using novel high-throughput approaches

Putzeys L, Wicke L, Brandão A, Boon M, Pires DP, Azeredo J, Vogel J, Lavigne R, Gerovac M (2024)

Current Opinion in Microbiology 77: 102419

PEGylation of Human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

Wolkersdorfer AM, Jugovic I, Scheller L, Gutmann M, Hahn L, Diessner J, Lühmann T, Meinel L (2024)

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 10 (1): 149-155


Sequential Antigen-loss and Branching Evolution in Lymphoma after CD19- and CD20-Targeted T-cell Redirecting Therapy

Duell J, Leipold AM, Appenzeller S, Fuhr V, Rauert-Wunderlich H, Da Vià MC, Dietrich O, Toussaint C, Imdahl F, Eisele F, …, Saliba AE, Rasche L (2023)

Blood 143 (8): 685-696

Brain-to-gut trafficking of alpha-synuclein by CD11c+ cells in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease

McFleder RL, Makhotkina A, Groh J, Keber U, Imdahl F, Peña Mosca J, Peteranderl A, Wu J, Tabuchi S, Hoffmann J, …, Volkmann J, Ip CW (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 7529

Vector-borne Trypanosoma brucei parasites develop in artificial human skin and persist as skin tissue forms

Reuter C, Hauf L, Imdahl F, Sen R, Vafadarnejad E, Fey P, Finger T, Jones NG, Walles H, Barquist L, …, Groeber-Becker F, Engstler M (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 7660

Interrogating two extensively self-targeting Type I CRISPR-Cas systems in Xanthomonas albilineans reveals distinct anti-CRISPR proteins that block DNA degradation

Wimmer F, Englert F, Wandera KG, Alkhnbashi OS, Collins SP, Backofen R, Beisel CL (2023)

Nucleic Acids Research 52 (2): 769-783

Microglia-mediated demyelination protects against CD8+ T cell-driven axon degeneration in mice carrying PLP defects

Groh J, Abdelwahab T, Kattimani Y, Hörner M, Loserth S, Gudi V, Adalbert R, Imdahl F, Saliba AE, Coleman M, …, Simons M, Martini R (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 6911

A SAM analogue-utilizing ribozyme for site-specific RNA alkylation in living cells

Okuda T, Lenz AK, Seitz F, Vogel J, Höbartner C (2023)

Nature Chemistry 15 (11): 1523-1531

RNA-based medicine: from molecular mechanisms to therapy

Sparmann A, Vogel J (2023)

The EMBO Journal 42 (21): e114760

Cytosolic Ptbp2 modulates axon growth in motoneurons through axonal localization and translation of Hnrnpr

Salehi S, Zare A, Prezza G, Bader J, Schneider C, Fischer U, Meissner F, Mann M, Briese M, Sendtner M (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 4158

A predicted CRISPR-mediated symbiosis between uncultivated archaea

Esser SP, Rahlff J, Zhao W, Predl M, Plewka J, Sures K, Wimmer F, Lee J, Adam PS, McGonigle J, …, Zhang Y, Probst AJ (2023)

Nature Microbiology 8 (9): 1619-1633

Th17.1 cell driven sarcoidosis-like inflammation after anti-BCMA CAR T cells in multiple myeloma

Leipold AM, Werner RA, Düll J, Jung P, John M, Stanojkovska E, Zhou X, Hornburger H, Ruckdeschel A, Dietrich O, …, Saliba AE, Rasche L (2023)

Leukemia 37 (3): 650-658

Myocardial Milieu Favors Local Differentiation of Regulatory T Cells

Delgobo M, Weiß E, ElDin Ashour D, Richter L, Popiolkowski L, Arampatzi P, Stangl V, Arias-Loza P, Mariotti-Ferrandiz E, Rainer PP, …, Frantz S, Campos Ramos G (2023)

Circulation Research 132 (5): 565-582

Systematically attenuating DNA targeting enables CRISPR-driven editing in bacteria

Collias D, Vialetto E, Yu J, Co K, Almási ÉDH, Rüttiger AS, Achmedov T, Strowig T, Beisel CL (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 680

RNA targeting unleashes indiscriminate nuclease activity of CRISPR-Cas12a2

Bravo JPK, Hallmark T, Naegle B, Beisel CL, Jackson RN, Taylor DW (2023)

Nature 613 (7944): 582-587

Cas12a2 elicits abortive infection through RNA-triggered destruction of dsDNA

Dmytrenko O, Neumann GC, Hallmark T, Keiser DJ, Crowley VM, Vialetto E, Mougiakos I, Wandera KG, Domgaard H, Weber J, …, Jackson RN, Beisel CL (2023)

Nature 613 (7944): 588-594

RNA recording in single bacterial cells using reprogrammed tracrRNAs

Jiao C, Reckstadt C, König F, Homberger C, Yu J, Vogel J, Westermann AJ, Sharma CM, Beisel CL (2023)

Nature Biotechnology 41 (8): 1107-1116

Cis-mediated interactions of the SARS-CoV-2 frameshift RNA alter its conformations and affect function

Pekarek L, Zimmer MM, Gribling-Burrer AS, Buck S, Smyth RP, Caliskan N (2023)

Nucleic Acids Research 51 (2): 728–743

Integrated single-cell analysis based classification of vascular mononuclear phagocytes in mouse and human atherosclerosis

Zernecke A, Erhard F, Weinberger T, Schulz C, Ley K, Saliba AE, Cochain C (2023)

Cardiovascular Research 119 (8): 1676-1689

Dynamics of monocyte-derived macrophage diversity in experimental myocardial infarction

Rizzo G, Gropper J, Piollet M, Vafadarnejad E, Rizakou A, Bandi SR, Arampatzi P, Krammer T, DiFabion N, Dietrich O, …, Saliba AE, Cochain C (2023)

Cardiovascular Research 119 (3): 772-785

Rapid neutrophil mobilisation by VCAM-1+ endothelial extracellular vesicles

Akbar N, Braithwaite AT, Corr EM, Koelwyn GJ, van Solingen C, Cochain C, Saliba AE, Corbin A, Pezzolla D, Møller Jørgensen M, …, Melling GE, Shanmuganathan M (2023)

Cardiovascular Research 119 (1): 236-251

Discovery of phage determinants that confer sensitivity to bacterial immune systems

Stokar-Avihail A, Fedorenko T, Hör J, Garb J, Leavitt A, Millman A, Shulman G, Wojtania N, Melamed S, Amitai G, Sorek R (2023)

Cell 186 (9): 1863-1876.e16

Bile Is a Selective Elevator for Mucosal Mechanics and Transport

Hanio S, Möllmert S, Möckel C, Choudhury S, Höpfel AI, Zorn T, Endres S, Schlauersbach J, Scheller L, Keßler C, …, Guck J, Meinel L (2023)

Molecular Pharmaceutics 20 (12): 6151-6161

Matrix Metalloproteinase-Responsive Delivery of PEGylated Fibroblast Growth Factor 2

Gutmann M, Reinhardt D, Seidensticker C, Raschig M, Hahn L, Moscaroli A, Behe M, Meinel L, Lühmann T (2023)

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 10 (1): 156-165

Ribosome profiling reveals the fine-tuned response of Escherichia coli to mild and severe acid stress

Schumacher K, Gelhausen R, Kion-Crosby W, Barquist L, Backofen R, Jung K (2023)

mSystems 8 (6): e0103723

Seropositivity of Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. in Germany-an analysis across four German National Cohort (NAKO) study sites

Hassenstein MJ, Pischon T, Karch A, Peters A, Kerrinnes T, Teismann H, Schneider A, Thierry S, Moreno Velásquez I, Janke J, Kemmling Y, Castell S (2023)

Scientific Reports 13 (1): 21087

SND1 binds SARS-CoV-2 negative-sense RNA and promotes viral RNA synthesis through NSP9

Schmidt N, Ganskih S, Wei Y, Gabel A, Zielinski S, Keshishian H, Lareau CA, Zimmermann L, Makroczyova J, Pearce C, …, Erhard F, Munschauer M (2023)

Cell 186 (22): 4834-4850.e23

The development of matrix-metalloproteinase responsive sensors for the machine-independent detection of oral inflammation

Ter Mors B, Driessen M. D., Seher A, Haubitz I. R., Raschig M, Nowak M, Jockel-Schneider Y, Linz C, Meinel L (2023)

Sensors & Diagnostics 2 (4): 867-877

Shortened CRISPR-Cas9 arrays enable multiplexed gene targeting in bacteria from a smaller DNA footprint

Gawlitt S, Liao C, Achmedov T, Beisel CL (2023)

RNA Biology 20 (1): 666-680

For the CRISPR Fan(zor)atics: RNA-guided DNA endonucleases discovered in eukaryotes

Patinios C, Beisel CL (2023)

Molecular Cell 83 (17): 3046-3048

Bioconjugation of a Fibroblast Activation Protein Targeted Interleukin-4

Ruopp M, Zhu S, Worschech R, Haas D, Maschauer S, Prante O, Meinel L, Lühmann T (2023)

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 9 (10): 5580-5588

The HSV-1 ICP22 protein selectively impairs histone repositioning upon Pol II transcription downstream of genes

Djakovic L, Hennig T, Reinisch K, Milic A, Whisnant AW, Wolf K, Weiß E, Haas T, Grothey A, Jürges CS, …, Friedel CC, Dölken L (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 4591

Advanced fluorescence microscopy in respiratory virus cell biology

Xie E, Ahmad S, Smyth RP, Sieben C (2023)

Advances in Virus Research 116: 123-172

Genetic inhibition of CARD9 accelerates the development of atherosclerosis in mice through CD36 dependent-defective autophagy

Zhang Y, Vandestienne M, Lavillegrand JR, Joffre J, Santos-Zas I, Lavelle A, Zhong X, Le Goff W, Guérin M, Al-Rifai R, …, Sokol H, Ait-Oufella H (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 4622

Harnessing Bile for Drug Absorption through Rational Excipient Selection

Schlauersbach J, Werthmüller D, Harlacher C, Galli B, Hanio S, Lenz B, Endres S, Pöppler AC, Scherf-Clavel O, Meinel L (2023)

Molecular Pharmaceutics 20 (8): 3864-3875

Short-range interactions between fibrocytes and CD8+ T cells in COPD bronchial inflammatory response

Eyraud E, Maurat E, Sac-Epée JM, Henrot P, Zysman M, Esteves P, Trian T, Dupuy JW, Leipold A, Saliba AE, …, Berger P, Dupin I (2023)

eLife 12: RP85875

An RNA modification enzyme directly senses reactive oxygen species for translational regulation in Enterococcus faecalis

Lee WL, Sinha A, Lam LN, Loo HL, Liang J, Ho P, Cui L, Chan CSC, Begley T, Kline KA, Dedon P (2023)

Nature Communications 14 (1): 4093

Lymph node medulla regulates the spatiotemporal unfolding of resident dendritic cell networks

Ugur M, Labios RJ, Fenton C, Knöpper K, Jobin K, Imdahl F, Golda G, Hoh K, Grafen A, Kaisho T, …, Bajénoff M, Kastenmüller W (2023)

Immunity 58 (8): 1778-1793.e10

VarID2 quantifies gene expression noise dynamics and unveils functional heterogeneity of ageing hematopoietic stem cells

Rosales-Alvarez RE, Rettkowski J, Herman JS, Dumbovic G, Cabezas-Wallscheid N, Grün D (2023)

Genome Biology 24 (1): 148

DOT1L activity affects neural stem cell division mode and reduces differentiation and ASNS expression

Appiah B, Fullio CL, Ossola C, Bertani I, Restelli E, Cheffer A, Polenghi M, Haffner C, Garcia-Miralles M, Zeis P, …, Taverna E, Vogel T (2023)

EMBO reports 24 (8): e56233

Mouse Liver-Expressed Shiftless Is an Evolutionarily Conserved Antiviral Effector Restricting Human and Murine Hepaciviruses

Zhang Y, Kinast V, Sheldon J, Frericks N, Todt D, Zimmer M, Caliskan N, Brown RJP, Steinmann E, Pietschmann T (2023)

Microbiology Spectrum 11 (4): e0128423

CD4+ T cells are the major predictor of HCMV control in allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients on letermovir prophylaxis

Lauruschkat CD, Muchsin I, Rein A, Erhard F, Grathwohl D, Dölken L, Köchel C, Falk CS, Einsele H, Wurster S, Grigoleit GU, Kraus S (2023)

Frontiers in Immunology 14: 1148841

Decoding murine cytomegalovirus

Lodha M, Muchsin I, Jürges C, Juranic Lisnic V, L'Hernault A, Rutkowski AJ, Prusty BK, Grothey A, Milic A, Hennig T, …, Erhard F, Dölken L (2023)

PLOS Pathogens 19 (5): e1010992

DksA is a conserved master regulator of stress response in Acinetobacter baumannii

Maharjan RP, Sullivan GJ, Adams FG, Shah BS, Hawkey J, Delgado N, Semenec L, Dinh H, Li L, Short FL, …, Eijkelkamp BA, Cain AK (2023)

Nucleic Acids Research 51 (12): 6101-6119

Cytotoxic CNS-associated T cells drive axon degeneration by targeting perturbed oligodendrocytes in PLP1 mutant mice

Abdelwahab T, Stadler D, Knöpper K, Arampatzi P, Saliba AE, Kastenmüller W, Martini R, Groh J (2023)

iScience 26 (5): 106698

An interferon gamma response signature links myocardial aging and immunosenescence

Ashour D, Rebs S, Arampatzi P, Saliba AE, Dudek J, Schulz R, Hofmann U, Frantz S, Cochain C, Streckfuß-Bömeke K, Ramos GC (2023)

Cardiovascular Research 119 (14): 2458-2468

Optimized metrics for orthogonal combinatorial CRISPR screens

Cetin R, Wegner M, Luwisch L, Saud S, Achmedov T, Süsser S, Vera-Guapi A, Müller K, Matthess Y, Quandt E, …, Beisel CL, Kaulich M (2023)

Scientific Reports 13 (1): 7405

Lab-scale siRNA and mRNA LNP manufacturing by various microfluidic mixing techniques – an evaluation of particle properties and efficiency

Jürgens DC, Deßloch L, Porras-Gonzalez D, Winkeljann J, Zielinski S, Munschauer M, Hörner AL, Burgstaller G, Winkeljann B, Merkel OM (2023)

OpenNano 12 (1): 100161

Sequential disruption of SPLASH-identified vRNA-vRNA interactions challenges their role in influenza A virus genome packaging

Jakob C, Lovate GL, Desirò D, Gießler L, Smyth RP, Marquet R, Lamkiewicz K, Marz M, Schwemmle M, Bolte H (2023)

Nucleic Acids Research 51 (12): 6479-6494

Insight COMPASS – the physics behind

Günther J, Kampf T, Rückert MA, Friedrich B, Tietze R, Lyer S, Hennig T, Dölken L, Alexiou C, Behr VC, Vogel P (2023)

International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging (Online ahead of print)

Fast detection of Sars-CoV2 Antibodies by the use of critical off-set magnetic particle spectroscopy (COMPASS)

Friedrich B, Tietze R, Rückert MA, Kampf T, Hennig T, Dölken L, Behr VC, Alexiou C, Vogel P, Lyer S (2023)

International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging (Online ahead of print)

Slow integrin-dependent migration organizes networks of tissue-resident mast cells

Kaltenbach L, Martzloff P, Bambach SK, Aizarani N, Mihlan M, Gavrilov A, Glaser KM, Stecher M, Thünauer R, Thiriot A, …, Grün D, Lämmermann T (2023)

Nature Immunology 24 (6): 915-924

HSV-1 Infection Induces a Downstream Shift of Promoter-Proximal Pausing for Host Genes

Weiß E, Hennig T, Graßl P, Djakovic L, Whisnant AW, Jürges CS, Koller F, Kluge M, Erhard F, Dölken L, Friedel CC (2023)

Journal of Virology 97 (5): e0038123

Bioresponsive Cytokine Delivery Responding to Matrix Metalloproteinases

Ter Mors B, Spieler V, Merino Asumendi E, Gantert B, Lühmann T, Meinel L (2023)

ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 10 (1): 29-37

Gut Microbiota Contribution to Weight-Independent Glycemic Improvements after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Hankir MK, Kovatcheva-Datchary P, Springer R, Hoffmann A, Vogel J, Seyfried F, Arora T (2023)

Microbiology Spectrum 11 (3): e0510922

Nano-DMS-MaP allows isoform-specific RNA structure determination

Bohn P, Gribling-Burrer AS, Ambi UB, Smyth RP (2023)

Nature Methods 20 (6): 849-859

Durchfallerreger und die Homöostase der Mikrobiota

Winter S, Faber F, Bäumler A (2023)

BIOspektrum 29 (2): 127-129

A network of small RNAs regulates sporulation initiation in C difficile

Fuchs M, Lamm-Schmidt V, Lence T, Sulzer J, Bublitz A, Wackenreuter J, Gerovac M, Strowig T, Faber F (2023)

EMBO Journal 42 (12): e112858

Transdermal carbon monoxide delivery

Ruopp M, Reiländer S, Haas D, Caruana I, Kronenberg D, Schmehl W, Stange R, Meinel L (2023)

Journal of Controlled Release 357: 299-308

Amber Light Control of Peptide Secondary Structure by a Perfluoroaromatic Azobenzene Photoswitch

Cataldi E, Raschig M, Gutmann M, Geppert PT, Ruopp M, Schock M, Gerwe H, Bertermann R, Meinel L, Finze M, …, Decker M, Lühmann T (2023)

ChemBioChem 24 (5): e202200570

Solid microemulsion preconcentrates on pH responsive metal-organic framework for tableting

Scheller L, Bachmann S, Zorn T, Hanio S, Gbureck U, Fatouros D, Pöppler AC, Meinel L (2023)

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 186: 105-111

Advancing massive transcriptional profiling of single bacteria

Saliba AE (2023)

Cell Reports Methods 3 (2): 100416

Improved Bacterial Single-Cell RNA-Seq through Automated MATQ-Seq and Cas9-Based Removal of rRNA Reads

Homberger C, Hayward RJ, Barquist L, Vogel J (2023)

mBio 14 (2): e0355722

A primary cell-based in vitro model of the human small intestine reveals host olfactomedin 4 induction in response to Salmonella Typhimurium infection

Däullary T, Imdahl F, Dietrich O, Hepp L, Krammer T, Fey C, Neuhaus W, Metzger M, Vogel J, Westermann AJ, Saliba AE, Zdzieblo D (2023)

Gut Microbes 15 (1): 2186109

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E virus in children and adolescents living in urban Bogotá: An explorative cross-sectional study

Fernández Villalobos NV, Kessel B, Torres Páez JC, Strömpl J, Kerrinnes T, de la Hoz Restrepo FP, Strengert M, Krause G (2023)

Frontiers in Public Health 11: 981172

Design and off-target prediction for antisense oligomers targeting bacterial mRNAs with the MASON webserver

Jung JJ, Popella L, Do PT, Pfau P, Vogel J, Barquist L (2023)

RNA 299 (5): 570-583

Central Role of Sibling Small RNAs NgncR_162 and NgncR_163 in Main Metabolic Pathways of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Steiner T, Zachary M, Bauer S, Müller MJ, Krischke M, Radziej S, Klepsch M, Huettel B, Eisenreich W, Rudel T, Beier D (2023)

mBio 14 (1)

Altered and allele-specific open chromatin landscape reveals epigenetic and genetic regulators of innate immunity in COVID-19

Zhang B, Zhang Z, Koeken VACM, Kumar S, Aillaud M, Tsay HC, Liu Z, Kraft ARM, Soon CF, Odak I, …, Schulte LN, Li Y (2023)

Cell Genomics 3 (2): 100232

A MATQ-seq-Based Protocol for Single-Cell RNA-seq in Bacteria

Homberger C, Saliba AE, Vogel J (2023)

Methods in Molecular Biology 2584: 105-121

Oral Use of Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide for Anyone, Anywhere, and Anytime

Reiländer S, Schmehl W, Popp K, Nuss K, Kronen P, Verdino D, Wiezorek C, Gutmann M, Hahn L, Däubler C, …, Scherf-Clavel O, Meinel L (2023)

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 9 (6): 2937-2948

Azobenzene derivatives with activity against drug-resistant Candida albicans and Candida auris

Raschig M, Ramírez-Zavala B, Wiest J, Saedtler M, Gutmann M, Holzgrabe U, Morschhäuser J, Meinel L (2023)

Archiv der Pharmazie 356 (2): e2200463


Network community detection and clustering with random walks

Ballal A, Kion-Crosby W, Morozov A (2022)

Physical Review Research 4 (4): 583

Hypothalamic integrity is necessary for sustained weight loss after bariatric surgery: A prospective, cross-sectional study

Dischinger U, Kötzner L, Kovatcheva-Datchary P, Kleinschmidt H, Haas C, Perez J, Presek C, Koschker AC, Miras AD, Hankir MK, …, Herrmann MJ, Seyfried F (2022)

Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 138: 155341

JAK2V617F mutation drives vascular resident macrophages toward a pathogenic phenotype and promotes dissecting aortic aneurysm

Al-Rifai R, Vandestienne M, Lavillegrand JR, Mirault T, Cornebise J, Poisson J, Laurans L, Esposito B, James C, Mansier O, …, Rautou PE, Ait-Oufella H (2022)

Nature Communications 13 (1): 6592

The miniature CRISPR-Cas12m effector binds DNA to block transcription

Wu WY, Mohanraju P, Liao C, Adiego-Pérez B, Creutzburg SCA, Makarova KS, Keessen K, Lindeboom TA, Khan TS, Prinsen S, …, Beisel CL, van der Oost J (2022)

Molecular Cell 82 (23): 4487-4502.e7

Postnatal expansion of mesenteric lymph node stromal cells towards reticular and CD34+ stromal cell subsets

Pezoldt J, Wiechers C, Zou M, Litovchenko M, Biocanin M, Beckstette M, Sitnik K, Palatella M, van Mierlo G, Chen W, …, Deplancke B, Huehn J (2022)

Nature Communications 13 (1): 7227

Helicobacter pylori shows tropism to gastric differentiated pit cells dependent on urea chemotaxis

Aguilar C, Pauzuolis M, Pompaiah M, Vafadarnejad E, Arampatzi P, Fischer M, Narres D, Neyazi M, Kayisoglu Ö, Sell T, …, Saliba AE, Bartfeld S (2022)

Nature Communications 13 (1): 5878

An unusual mode of baseline translation adjusts cellular protein synthesis capacity to metabolic needs

Schneider C, Erhard F, Binotti B, Buchberger A, Vogel J, Fischer U (2022)

Cell Reports 41 (2): 111467

Fibroblastic reticular cells mitigate acute graft-versus-host disease via MHCII-dependent maintenance of regulatory T cells

Shaikh H, Pezoldt J, Mokhtari Z, Gamboa Vargas J, Le DD, Peña Mosca J, Arellano-Viera E, Kern MA, Graf C, Beyersdorf N, …, Huehn J, Beilhack A (2022)

JCI Insight 7 (22): e154250

Landscape and age dynamics of immune cells in the Egyptian rousette bat

Friedrichs V, Toussaint C, Schäfer A, Rissmann M, Dietrich O, Mettenleiter TC, Pei G, Balkema-Buschmann A, Saliba AE, Dorhoi A (2022)

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TFEB induces mitochondrial itaconate synthesis to suppress bacterial growth in macrophages

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