Single-Cell Center Würzburg: Mini-Retreat

04.05.2023 11:30 Würzburg, Germany

The event on May 4 will focus on the promising research method of single-cell RNA sequencing.

Whether in an organ or a sore, pathogens often hide in just a few of a patient's trillion cells. Detecting these problematic cells very early and with high precision through single-cell sequencing creates unprecedented opportunities for medical diagnostics, screening and therapy. Single-cell research thus paves the way for future precision medicine.

The Mini-Retreat on Thursday, May 4, which is organized by the Single-Cell Center Würzburg, will focus on the promising research method of single-cell RNA sequencing.



Dr. Anna Aschenbrenner

Tech Talks:

Illumina | 10X Genomics
Discussion on Spatial Transcriptomics

Short talks of Seed Grant awardees



About the Single-Cell Center Würzburg

The Single-Cell Center Würzburg is a joint competence center of the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI) with the Faculty of Medicine of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU), the University Hospital Würzburg (UKW), the Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies (TLZ-RT), and the Max Planck Research Group at the Würzburg Institute of Systems Immunology (WüSI).

The center’s objective is to analyze and understand diseases at the level of individual cells. In the future, this will enable the earliest possible and most reliable prediction of a disease and how it can be treated in the best possible way.

Starting from infection research, the Würzburg Single-Cell Center will also investigate cancer, neurodegenerative disorders or cardiovascular diseases at the single-cell level. The broad method spectrum of RNA sequencing technologies is to be rapidly enhanced in this context.

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Würzburg, Germany

Date and Time: 04.05.2023 11:30 – 04.05.2023 17:00


Würzburg, Germany

Josef-Schneider Straße 2 

Building D15

Seminar room 1-3


Registration Deadline: 27.04.2023 00:00

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