Würzburg Life Science Seminar: Matthias Hentze & Felix Randow

24.10.2023 16:30 Würzburg, Germany

We cordially invite you to attend the Tuesday Night Seminar on October 24. The talks will take place in Building D15, room 01.002-006, at 4:30 pm.

Prof Matthias Hentze - “Riboregulation: Biology, Mechanisms and Scope”

Matthias Hentze is director and group leader at EMBL Heidelberg. His lab combines biochemical and systems-level approaches to investigate the connections between gene expression and cell metabolism and their roles in human disease. In particular, riboregulation, the direct control of protein function by RNA, has begun to emerge as a new paradigm of biological control. The Hentze group wants to understand molecular mechanisms of riboregulation, and investigation of the RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) of model organisms points to their broad roles in mammalian physiology. Thus, he will discuss these new facets of the RBP world and their implications for cell biology, metabolism, and disease mechanisms during his talk.

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Prof Felix Randow - “How cells defend their cytosol against bacterial invasion: Sphingomyelin detection, LPS ubiquitylation and other tricks”

Felix Randow is group leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge, UK. He is interested in cell autonomous innate immunity, i.e. in the ability of individual cells to defend themselves against infection. The lab wishes to understand i) how cells succeed in defending their cytosol against most invasion attempts and ii) how professional cytosol-dwelling bacteria outwit cellular defenses. They are particularly interested in danger receptors that detect breaches in cellular integrity and in the ubiquitin system that marks invading bacteria as cargo for autophagy receptors.

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Würzburg, Germany

Date and Time: 24.10.2023 16:30 – 24.10.2023 18:00


Würzburg, Germany

Josef-Schneider-Straße 2, Medical Campus, Building D15, room 01.002-006