Frequently quoted: HIRI Director Jörg Vogel

Würzburg biochemist and Leibniz Laureate again honored as Highly Cited Researcher

Mission: Accepted

700,000 euros for the development of new antiviral agents / Research network led by HIRI receives innovation funding from the German Federal Agency SPRIND

BMBF funding "GO-Bio": HIRI receives up to 733,000 euros

Grant is dedicated to the pre-commercial development of LEOPARD, a new diagnostic technology

ZONTA Science Award 2021 goes to Neva Caliskan

HIRI researcher was honored for her excellent scientific achievements and for her special commitment

How Poxviruses Multiply

News from HIRI Affiliates: JMU researchers have for the first time been able to watch the polymerase of vaccinia viruses doing their work at an atomic level.