© HIRI, Mario Schmitt

The fifth anniversary of HIRI

The Helmholtz Institute Würzburg celebrates its birthday – and reflects on its many achievements to date

Single-Cell Center Würzburg: Website just launched

To introduce the work of the new Single-Cell Center, HIRI has created a website that can be found at www.single-cell-center.de.

Illustration of an Escherichia coli bacterium. © HZI, Manfred Rohde

Growing bacteria to combat them

4 million euros funding for international project on urinary tract infections

Fourth ERC Grant awarded to HIRI

1.5 million euros for research on human intestinal bacteria

In search for new antiviral therapies: Uncovering the HIV life cycle

Study published today in "Nature Structural & Molecular Biology"


New @ HIRI: Disha Mohan Bangalore

The HIRI family warmly welcomes Disha Mohan Bangalore!