RNA Seminar opening event: Anna Pyle & Gisela Storz

The two leading female scientists in the field of RNA research will do us the honor of telling us about their work.

Dear all,

We cordially invite you to the first lecture of the RNA Seminar for the winter semester 2019 / 2020 -  next Tuesday, October 15th - 5 PM

Enjoy two interesting lectures. They will start at 17h00,  each lecture taking about 35 minutes. 

Guest Speakers: 
Dr. Gisela Storz, NIH, Bethesda
Prof. Dr. Anna Pyle, Yale Univeristy 

"Redundancy in regulatory RNA networks" - Dr. Storz 
"Targeting the unique features of fungal RNA metabolism for a new generation of nontoxic drugs" - Prof. Pyle  

We are looking forward to your participation.