Kicking off the New Year

Third RNAmed meeting in Munich

On January 23, the RNAmed students met at the Großhadern campus of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University in Munich. A highlight of this gathering was the opportunity to engage with Dr. Patrick Baumhof, Senior Vice President Technology at CureVac.

Known for its pioneering work in the field of mRNA therapeutics, CureVac's research spans several applications of mRNA, from prophylactic vaccines to cancer treatments. An exclusive Q&A session with Dr. Patrick Baumhof provided students with a rare glimpse into the pharmaceutical research process, including insights from his own career journey. This was followed by a fascinating lecture on mRNA-based vaccines given by Dr. Baumhof himself.  

We are very grateful to Dr. Baumhof for the truly inspiring discussion and impactful career advice!

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