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Single-cell researcher Emmanuel Saliba becomes Associate Professor as of today

Würzburg, May 1, 2023—Great news at the Helmholtz Institute Würzburg (HIRI): Single-cell researcher Emmanuel Saliba has become an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) while remaining Group Leader at the HIRI.

Emmanuel Saliba is an expert in single-cell RNA sequencing, a cutting-edge technology allowing cells to be profiled one-by-one. His research group focuses on host-pathogen interactions, develops and integrates single-cell genomics, imaging and computational approaches to decipher the microenvironments of individual pathogens. Saliba’s work sheds light on the heterogeneity of host responses and disease outcomes and is key in the development of precision diagnostics and therapeutics.

As a highlight, a study published in Cell  by Emmanuel Saliba’s group—in collaboration with scientists from all over Germany, including Charité, RKI, and MDC in Berlin and RWTH Aachen—has helped to understand why severe COVID-19 patients require prolonged ventilation.

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