Key positions newly filled at the HIRI

Head of Administration takes up work / Head of Infrastructure directs construction activities

Würzburg, April 3, 2024 — The Würzburg Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI) has newly filled key positions. The previous Head of Communications at HIRI, Britta Grigull, has just taken over as Head of Administration, succeeding Alice Hohn, who left the institute at the end of 2022. In her new role, Grigull, who has long-standing management experience, will be in charge of the institute's financial and personnel management, cooperations and communications.

Tobias Kerrinnes has also taken up a new position. The microbiologist, who served as acting head of the HIRI administration for the past year, is now responsible for the laboratories and technical services as Head of Scientific Infrastructure. The experienced infrastructure manager will also guide the institute’s construction site from the user's perspective.

HIRI Director Jörg Vogel: "It is fortunate that with Britta Grigull and Tobias Kerrinnes, two personalities with complementary expertise have taken over key positions at HIRI. Both are highly qualified for their respective roles and both have already contributed greatly to the success of the institute in the past. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Grigull and Kerrinnes in this new constellation."


Luisa Macharowsky

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Luisa Macharowsky