RNAConnect just launched

Company promises solutions for exploring the diversity of RNA sequence and structure / HIRI group leader and co-founder Emmanuel Saliba serves on the scientific advisory board

By innovators for innovators: RNAConnect was founded by Anna Marie Pyle from Yale University to provide the scientific community with better tools to visualize and manipulate RNA. The company has exclusively licensed a cutting-edge enzyme technology from Yale. This technology reveals the full spectrum of RNA processing and chemical modification isoforms of transcripts in cellular mixtures, with unparalleled detection of long, highly structured RNAs present at low abundance. Among the co-founders is Emmanuel Saliba, group leader at the Helmholtz Institute Würzburg (HIRI) and professor at the University of Würzburg. The RNAConnect founding team also includes Ryan Muldoon (previously PrEP Biopharm, Ltd.), Li-Tao Guo (Yale University) and Brent Graveley (University of Connecticut).

RNAConnect was started with the assistance of the venture firm Connecticut Innovations and was recently awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant by the National Institutes of Health to further optimize its reverse transcriptase products. In addition, the company is supported by a distinguished scientific advisory board, including Anna Marie Pyle, Li-Tao Guo, Brent Graveley, Emmanuel Saliba, Sigrid Nachtergaele (Yale University), Eric Van Nostrand (Baylor College of Medicine, Eclipse Bioinnovations), Anthony Mustoe (Baylor College of Medicine), and Spencer Glantz (Detect, Inc.).

“The launch of RNAConnect marks a significant milestone in the scientific reagent industry, introducing innovative solutions that will reshape how researchers and scientists explore and investigate RNA. Conventional RNA sequencing technologies are built on platforms that use legacy enzymes discovered decades ago. These are not ideal for modern applications that require an accurate reflection of transcriptomic diversity under real-world conditions. At RNAConnect, we are dedicated to providing better enzymatic tools to unlock the full potential of RNA research,” says Ryan Muldoon, Co-Founder and CEO of RNAConnect.

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