New research group at the Helmholtz Institute Würzburg

Jens Hör investigates the molecular principles of RNA phages

Antibiotic resistance is on the rise: Conventional agents have become ineffective against many bacterial pathogens. Thus, novel treatment options are urgently needed. Phage-based therapies could provide a solution. The Helmholtz Institute Würzburg is dedicating a new research group to these viruses, which only infect bacteria. Microbiologist Jens Hör will investigate the molecular principles of RNA phages.

In order to be able to use phages as antibacterial agents in therapy, it is crucial to identify suitable phages and to better understand their function. RNA phages are a poorly understood class of phages. The molecular mechanisms of these RNA phages in the context of phage-host interactions are the focus of Jens Hör's research. In particular, he is interested in learning how RNA phages control their hosts during infection and how hosts defend themselves against invading phages.

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