Spotlight on single cells

Fascinating insights into single-cell RNA sequencing at the Single-Cell Center Mini-Retreat

Whether in an organ or a sore, pathogens often hide in just a few of a patient's trillion cells. Detecting these problematic cells very early and with high precision through single-cell RNA sequencing creates unprecedented opportunities for medical diagnostics, screening and therapy.

The Mini-Retreat on Thursday, May 4, which was organized by the Single-Cell Center Würzburg, focused on the prospects and opportunities of single-cell research. After a short kick-off by Jörg Vogel, spokesperson of the Single-Cell Center and director of the Helmholtz Institute Würzburg, Seed Grant awardees had the opportunity to present their research at the Single-Cell Center Würzburg. The keynote lecture "What can transcriptomics teach us about a new disease?" was given by Anna Aschenbrenner from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). To conclude the event, Dominic Grün, deputy spokesperson of the Single-Cell Center, gave an outlook on spatial transcriptomics.