Award for Katharina Schaufler

Katharina Schaufler receives the Sponsorship Award of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology

During the 75th annual meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM), Prof. Katharina Schaufler was honored as this year's DGHM Förderpreis winner. The DGHM Sponsorship Award recognizes young scientists for their innovative research approaches and outstanding results, with the aim of motivating them for future research. Schaufler's research focuses on analyzing the mechanisms that lead to the development of antibiotic resistance and contribute to the successful spread of multidrug-resistant pathogens. Particular focus is on Gram-negative and -positive bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae and Enterococcaceae families.

Her impressive research career led her to a professorship at the Institute of Infection Medicine at Kiel University and Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital in 2021. Since August of this year, she has headed the Department of Epidemiology and Ecology of Antimicrobial Resistance at the Helmholtz Institute for One Health (HIOH), a site of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI). Additionally, Schaufler is a professor at the University Medical Center in Greifswald. She uses her expertise to research the occurrence and transmission of multidrug-resistant pathogens in animals, humans and the environment in the One Health context in collaboration with national and international cooperation partners. Her focus is on identifying and validating innovative anti-virulence strategies.

Her research results have been published in 50 papers in renowned journals. This work has twice been selected by the DGHM board as a highlight in infection prevention and clinical microbiology. Schaufler has already received several awards, including the Robert Koch Foundation Postdoctoral Award (2021), the Förderpreis der Deutschen Veterinärmedizinischen Gesellschaft (2021), and the DGHM Doctoral Award (2016).

We warmly congratulate Katharina Schaufler on this well-deserved award and are very pleased that she enriches the HIOH with her expertise.

Ruth Suchsland


Dr Ruth Suchsland